What is Benveo?


Benveo is an approach to healthcare benefits that employs innovation and insight to craft customized healthcare solutions for a modern workforce.



What makes Benveo special?

Benveo integrates with best in class vendors of healthcare services to provide a comprehensive patient centric service offering. What makes this API driven application so special is the coordination of care and the real-time tracking of
out-of-pocket costs, deductibles and annual maximums.

Finally, Benveo outcomes extend well beyond financial or data coordination to a ground-breaking care solution at the fingertips of every employee, family member and benefit coordinators.



Has Benveo abandoned traditional self-funding?


Benveo is a break away from traditional models of insurance.
PBA West still manages large employer-sponsored healthcare through our partner in Chicago. Our Tulsa office focuses on the unique needs of the small to midsize employee group who would benefit from a modern custom approach to healthcare plan offerings or an association health plan.



Why is Benveo needed in the small group market? 

Benveo offers a level of service, communication and connection to the plan sponsor usually reserved for only the largest organizations. A true focus on “Main Street” business makes Benveo one of a kind.