Benveo is an approach to healthcare benefits that employs innovation and insight to craft customized healthcare solutions for a modern workforce.

Our Mission

Benveo puts control back into the hands of the employer-sponsored health plan or association plan.

Our Goal is simple: Create a platform for employers to make informed decisions about how to best care for their unique employee mix. 

Our Mission is to put joy and satisfaction into healthcare benefits.

Benveo Team -

Mark Lewandowski, Ph.D., CM&AA
President - Benveo

Mark Lewandowski, Ph.D., CM&AA

Mark Lewandowski, Ph.D., CM&AA, is the President of Benveo. After finishing his Ph.D. in Creativity and Innovation, Mark applied that knowledge to systems and workflow processes in healthcare. Mark served as President of Provider Medical Pharmaceutical, Senior Vice President of National Medical Health Card, Inc..

Mark is actively trying to change the healthcare landscape through innovations in true healthcare transparency, customer facing care solutions, and cost-effective approaches to healthcare benefit offerings. Mark has post-doctoral academic training at Loyola of Chicago and Stanford University and serves on the board of a number of non-profit organizations in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Jonathan Pinto, MBA

Jonathan Pinto serves as the Vice President of Operations for Benveo, a third party administrator specializing in employer-sponsored healthcare
benefit plans and administration. As a strategist and consultant, Jonathan advises executives through consulting, speaking engagements and training sessions on providing the right tools and enhancements that make their healthcare plans flourish in a volatile and changing environment.

With his extensive knowledge, range of world exposures and experiences in a various industries, Jonathan now works with management teams to help determine and tailor the right business decisions for their employee base and company that makes these firms successful and strong in the long-term.

Jonathan earned degrees in Management and Finance from Oral Roberts University and an MBA in 2010. He obtained certification in Quantitative Methodology in Clinical and Public Health from Harvard University in 2014.

Jonathan Pinto, MBA
Vice President of Operations - Benveo


Ali Allen - Operations Manager Benveo

Ali Allen -
Benveo Strategies Consultant


Jaymie Wilson - Clinical Manager

Jaymie Wilson -
Clinical Manager

Debbie Redwine - Senior Director of Business Development

Debbie Redwine - Senior Director of Business Development

Debbie Redwine -
Senior Director of Business Development


Emily Hammer - Human Resources

Emily Hammer - Human Resources

Emily Hammer -
Human Resources


Eduardo Contador - Director of Information Technology

Eduardo Contador - Director of I.T.


Matt Tuttle - Controller

Matt Tuttle -


Tisha Essink - Claims Administrator

Tisha Essink -
Claims Administrator


Salome Pinto - Project Manager

Salome Pinto -
Project Manager


Beth Tindle - Office Administrator

Beth Tindle -
Office Administrator


CASH - Barketing Director

Barketing Director